These are scary times. What is happening in the world right now is unprecedented. No one knows what’s going to happen for sure and it’s been intense for all of us.

I wanted to write this post, not because I think I have all the answers- I don’t! But I wanted to write it for other parents who might be feeling some anxiety for the future- for you, your kids and your loved ones.

The question isn’t ‘will there be an economic recession?’

The question is ‘HOW BAD will the economic recession be?’

This isn’t the time to panic. This isn’t the time to break down and give up.

We are RESILIENT. And we WILL make it. But, we have to be willing to change our narrative, and change our normal.

And that’s okay!

I’m not an expert. I’m a mom of three kids who has thought about what will be important to not only survive, but thrive this next year or two.

I am not trying to make light of what is happening. I’m trying to find ways to hone in on positive outcomes in the face of this pandemic.

Although I believe there will be a recession, I also believe that this is going to bring us together. Borders are meaningless. Your skin color and religion are meaningless in the face of a pandemic. We are all just human beings who will come together and be united in the face of adversity.

Here are some things you can focus on during and after a pandemic:

Growing Your Own Food

The reason this is important is because we don’t know what the outcome of this pandemic will be. So much of our food is shipped here from all corners of the Earth and that may change. Global shipping may change, regulations may change. We just don’t know.

Growing your own food is healthy, helpful for the environment and perfect for sharing and trading with your neighbors.

Even small spaces have the ability to be transformed in to a garden. This book has some awesome ideas for starting a small space vegetable garden.

Supporting Local Businesses and Learning To Trade With Neighbors

Now is the time to find things locally, support local businesses and keep money circulating in the area you live in.

Now is the time to meet your neighbors (safely) and let them know you are looking out for them.

We all need to help each other, look out for one another and build each other up.

Can you trade food items, handmade things or even skills with the people around you? For so long we have searched for certain necessities and skills online, but what about asking a real live person if they could help you? And in return, you can help them! (While following the WHO health guidelines of course!)

Homeschooling Your Kids

I always just told myself I wasn’t cut out to home school. Well, I don’t know what it’s like where you are but the chance of our schools shutting down are high at this moment.

I’m choosing to embrace home schooling as an adventure. Nope, I have no idea what I’m doing. But I’m excited to get hands on with my kids!

In the age of information, home schooling really has never been easier.

Homeschooling Resources:

Making Money Working From Home

So many people are having their jobs affected by what is happening. My heart truly goes out to you if you or someone you know is struggling financially.

In light of what’s going on, more people may want to try making money from home. I think new jobs and new unique job opportunities will become available as time goes on.

This may actually be your chance to CREATE a certain type of job or niche that can help others while bringing an income to your family.

Be Grateful For What You Have

Spend the time you have with your family in gratitude. Make things fun, say ‘I love you’ lots and keep in mind that things will be okay eventually.

(Truly, I am not minimizing what is happening. It’s important for our mental health that we try to look on the bright side and stay strong for our children. If you have loved ones affected by this pandemic, my heart is with you.)

Save Money

Take the next while to save what money you can and help detox harmful spending habits. Become mindful of just how much you were spending and how little you really need to get by.

Meal Plan

Meal planning is a great way to make easy, nutritious meals for very little money. Veggies Don’t Bite has a great example of a 7 day meal plan and shopping list for a family.

Taking Care of Your Physical And Mental Health

I’m realizing that this may be harder than I thought. Things are rapidly changing and all non-essential businesses are going to close where I live.

Keep informed, be realistic. Look out for your family and do whatever you can to keep yourself and loved ones healthy at this time. Reach out via phone or text to keep in contact with loved ones. Ask for help if you need it. Please my friends. Stay safe ❤

Standing Together Against An Unknown Threat

Never before has the whole world been so united against something. This is affecting every single person across the globe in some fashion.

If you or or family are experiencing hardship- my heart is with you. We will stand together in solidarity. We will make it.

From my family to yours- we are sending love and peace.