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I’m guessing that by now you’ve seen the flip sequins or reverse sequins that are garnishing everything from toys, to backpacks to clothing!

What are they, exactly? 

They’re sequins sewn onto fabric that change color when you flip or reverse the way the sit. Genius, really.

They are so fun, super addicting and look so pretty. So, it kind of makes sense that they’re popular! If you have any kids on your list from toddler to teenager, you are sure to find something in this flip sequin gift guide that will be absolutely loved!

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I hope you find something for the kids you’re looking for in this Flip Sequin Gift Guide!

Of course, always check the age recommendations before you buy a toy for a small child.

Flip Sequin Christmas Gift Guide (for kids of all ages!)

Flip sequins (or reversible sequins) are all the rage right now! Which makes sense, they are SUPER fun and addicting to play with (even for adults!) This is an ultimate Christmas gift guide to all things flip sequin for kids of all ages.

Perfect for young girls getting into journaling! Or even before they are writing- my 5 year old daughter loves to write secret things in her journal, even if they are just doodles.

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A hedgehog mixed with a Unicorn?!? A... Unihog? A Hedgecorn? Either way, it's super cute.

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Perfect for the boy on your list who is just as fascinated by flip sequins as the girls!

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Tons of different colors and styles available. This would make a great pencil bag at school or for random treasures for younger kids!

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Age: 6+

Use your finger or the included stylus to write messages or draw pictures! Best part? No assembly required 🙂

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