How To Have A Super Speedy Labor And Delivery

‘HOW TO HAVE A FASTER LABOR’ is something that every pregnant woman ends up googling at some point in their pregnancy. Thinking about labor always brings up some intense emotions. It’s one of the craziest things you’ll ever do followed by the most life changing thing that will happen to you. And things can change at the last minute so you never know how it will really go until it’s over. These tips are for having a faster labor. Some of the tips are for long before labor starts, others are for during! Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  Please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.


Please don’t virtually slap me if you’re not active! I wasn’t with my first baby. By my second pregnancy, I was very active with running and some strength training. I had no desire to let that go and kept up pretty well throughout my second pregnancy. The difference was NIGHT AND DAY. For my pregnancy and the labor. My first pregnancy was riddled with injuries, an early mat leave and having a hard time doing anything. The labor was long, hard and I tore while pushing and ended up with stitches. My second pregnancy was actually somewhat enjoyable! Things weren’t really uncomfortable until the end but even then it was NOTHING like my first. The labor was just under 6 hours from my water breaking to pushing my son out. I did have an epidural (which I loved and you can read about hereand pushing was less than 3 minutes. My third pregnancy was much like the first- not too uncomfortable until the end and the labor was just under 4 hours from when I had my first contraction to pushing out my daughter. Pushing lasted 5 minutes! I am completely attributing the second and third pregnancies to being strong, fit, eating (somewhat) healthy and drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea like a fiend! Being strong and fit will definitely help you have a faster labor. Your muscles are ready for the marathon ahead and being fit means less chance of injuring yourself during labor. The American Pregnancy Association lists these benefits to exercising during pregnancy:
  • Reduces backaches, constipation, bloating
  • May help prevent gestational diabetes
  • Improves mood and posture
  • Promotes muscle tone, strength and endurance
  • Helps you sleep better
Squats are one of THE most beneficial exercises you can do for preparing your body for birth. RELATED: How To Exercise (even as a super busy mom)


I will sing the praises of Red Raspberry Leaf tea until I’m dead in the ground. This tea is so freaking amazing, I’ll never go through another pregnancy/labor without it! RRLT contains fragarine which has been known to:
  • help tighten and tone the uterus and pelvic muscles
  • at the same time, help to relax these muscles which can speed up and ease childbirth
Start with one cup per day in your 1st trimester and build up to three cups per day by your 3rd trimester. (I actually was drinking about 4 cups by the end, if you want to do this as well, please research and consult your physician!) I originally purchased the single packaged tea bags but because I was drinking so much red raspberry leaf tea, the price didn’t make sense so I started buying in bulk from here. As if this tea doesn’t do enough for you, it also contains:
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • manganese
Which is why I drink red raspberry leaf tea before, during and after pregnancy for an extra boost of vitamins. This study shows that women who drink the tea might have less of a chance of needing artificial membrane rupture or a c-section! RELATED: 5 Easy Ways To Induce Labor


Don’t try to fight what’s happening. It’s so hard to NOT do this because every inch of your body is in extreme distress and you want to fight that feeling like hell. When we fight what’s happening, we are tensing up parts of our body that don’t even need to be tensed up. This can actually slow your labor down. It’s going to feel weird to tell yourself to accept what’s happening to you and ride WITH it instead of AGAINST it. But once you do, it will make things a whole lot easier!


Take a lovely online prenatal class from the comfort of your own home. I do recommend researching and finding a good one that suits your needs and budget. I did not do this and wish I had. The class I attended at the hospital really didn’t give a lot of in depth information on methods for dealing with pain besides drugs, what would happen if you were induced (I was), or any information on what should/could happen with your baby right after birth. (Had I known I could ask for delayed cord clamping or skin to skin right away before they measured and weighed her, I would have.) Find a class that is about empowering YOU as a mother so you can go into your birth confidently and know what you want in different situations should they arise. RELATED: Epidurals- Should You Get One?


This seems like a no brainer. And, really, it kind of is. Until you’re in labor. My goodness, everything you think you prepared for will go out the window. And if you barely looked at anything and thought you had it covered (like me), you’ll be up shit creek. My nurse during my 3rd labor was almost ready to slap me at one point, yelling, you NEED to BREATHE.’ I completely panicked and almost forgot how to breathe entirely. So put some work in and find techniques you can practice and nail down so you aren’t panicked and flailing!


There is some debate over whether or not this works. What Clary Sage definitely DOES do is increase your bodies natural levels of oxytocin. The line of thinking is that if it increases oxytocin, it will help you relax and hasten your labor. Clary Sage is also thought to increase the intensity of contractions, but again, research is limited. I have used it to try to induce labor as well as throughout the labor. For inducing, I mix it with a carrier oil and rub directly on my belly. (Please wait until you are safely past 37 weeks for this.) During labor, put a drop or two on a cotton ball and inhale. You can also add to a carrier oil and rub on pressure points or your belly! RELATED: The No Bullshit Hospital Bag Checklist


By eating 6 dates per day for the last 4 weeks of pregnancy you are likely to:
  • Go into spontaneous labor (rather than be induced)
  • Have a shorter labor
  • Have higher cervical dilation upon admittance to the hospital
Definitely worth trying it out! My favorite are medjool dates– they’re incredibly fat and juicy compared to some of the dried out shriveled ones you can find. If you’re wondering about how to eat that many dates, check out this recipe for date caramel sauce or throw them in your smoothies to sweeten them up. RELATED: What The Heck Does Labor Actually Feel Like? (what it really feels like to give birth)


I know what you’re thinking.  Cause I haven’t been TRYING to get more sleep already, thank you very much. There was a study that found women who had inadequate sleep in late pregnancy were significantly more likely to have longer labors and require c-sections. Don’t let this stress you out even more- make it a reason to spritz your pillow with some sleep spray that’s safe for pregnancy or buy that pregnancy pillow you’ve been eying up. These seriously helpful pregnancy sleep tips will have you sleeping in no time! Every woman wants to have that super magical, fast and easy labor. The truth is, there are SO MANY factors at play when you go into labor. Whether it’s your first or fourth baby, your age, activity level or just what your baby decides to do- anything can happen. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you have a traumatic experience and on the other side, don’t be afraid to talk about it if it went really well! I’ve noticed that we seem to like to tell horror stories about labor and birth but don’t mention much about the really positive experiences. If you have a good one, share it in the comments below to ease the minds of other momma’s ❤ Please also let us know any other hot tips for a faster labor! YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Epidurals- Should You Get One? Morning Sickness Remedies To The Mom Who Is Burnt Out How To Breastfeed Like You’ve Done It Before