Hey momma. If you’re anything like me, you love the holidays but they also majorly stress you out. I know, we’re supposed to be happy over the holidays but sometimes there is something lost between the endless family gatherings, the stress of spending too much money, too many gifts and overeating day after day over the break.

I think there is something to be said for protecting yourself, physically and mentally over the holidays. This list was written for the moms who get a little stressed and then feel guilty about getting stressed.

Here are some amazing gifts you can give yourself this Christmas❤


Every time I say no to something around Christmas, I feel extraordinarily guilty. Shouldn’t I feel so happy that all of our extended family wants to spend so much time with us? Shouldn’t I feel grateful that the grandparents want to shower our kids in gifts?

It’s been a process. But my husband and I are slowly learning that we DON’T have to feel guilty, in fact, it’s only ourselves that are bringing on that guilt.

There is NOTHING wrong with saying, no, not this time, we’d like our own family time. Or telling the grandparents that too many gifts aren’t helpful to your kids, that too many gifts is teaching them to not care about what they have because there is always more more more.


Yes, it’s great for the kids to see everyone in the family and play with cousins and all that but-

Spend time with just your family. Make special memories, play games, bake cookies and don’t leave your house. Say no to some of the extra things that come up and soak in the time you get with just yourselves.

How many Christmases do you actually get with your kids when they are so little and sweet and actually want to spend time with you?

It’s not many. Take the time for you and your family, and don’t apologize for it. This is your time with your kids too.


I’m saying that this is a gift to yourself because magical things will happen when you actually turn your phone off and don’t look at it.

You will find yourself noticing how cute your kids are, the funny things they do and you’ll have more patience. You may find yourself bored to the point that you actually start having interesting thoughts again instead of just opening your phone to flick through things and distract yourself!

This is a gift to yourself because you will notice the beauty of just being there with your family. Put your phone away for Christmas and special days, but put it away on ‘normal’ days too.


I know it’s totally crazy leading up to and during the Christmas season. Try to take a step back and appreciate what you already have, your kids, your home.

Take a step back and just breathe.


Are you one of those moms that always says ‘I don’t need anything?’ I am. And I really, truly mean it when I say it. However, there are some people who LOVE to give gifts. And if you don’t tell them what you’d like, you will end up with useless crap that you eventually just donate (or have it sitting there, giving you guilty feelings when you look at it.) 

So give yourself the gift of getting something you actually want or have them donate money to cause you want to support, or pay for a year subscription to something that you’ll use. You’ll be much happier for it.


Is this possible, you ask?


It’s hard, but not impossible! Imagine a January where there is no come down from Christmas, back to a depressing reality of bills and debts that you’ll be paying off all year.

We are all spending too much money on CRAP we don’t need. It doesn’t benefit us or our children to get a million gifts. I’ve noticed that the more gifts my kids get, the less they care about them because they know they will always get more or they can get a new one.

If you’re worried about all the gifts you have to buy people this year, try making things. Less is more. Simple is better. And people appreciate that you took the TIME to make them something.

Here’s a list of awesome DIY Christmas Gifts that they’ll actually be excited to get!


Us momma’s can’t pour from an empty cup. And every year that goes by, this becomes more and more apparent to me.

You aren’t selfish for putting your mental health first. You aren’t selfish for wanting to save money and protect your family’s well being. You aren’t selfish for saying no thank you to the third helping of sweets at your mother’s house. You aren’t selfish for putting your foot down (in a loving way) and asking your extended family to respect your wishes in regards to gifts/candy/junk food for your kids.

What you ARE doing is championing your health, mental and physical, which in turn makes everything a lot more enjoyable.

Put yourself and your family first when you can around the holidays this year and don’t feel guilty. Stand up for your well being and your family’s well being so that you can enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I’m wishing you the happiest of holidays ❤


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