Gifts For The Mom Who Has Everything

It’s always hard finding a meaningful gift for the mom on your list- whether it’s Christmas, her birthday or even a gift for a brand new mom still in the hospital! Hopefully these thoughtful gifts for moms will give you some ideas.

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If you’re curious or in a hurry-

✔ These are the best current gifts for moms according to Amazon

The reason I even decided to write this post is because I AM ONE OF THOSE MOMS.

My answer to EVERYONE who asks what I’d like for Christmas is NOTHING! I’M GOOD!. But guess what? No matter who it is, everyone secretly likes a gift and this list has something for every kind of mom.

Before we get to it, we gotta talk about Amazon Prime. If you have it, skip this section, if not-

Read on!

Amazon Prime is freaking amazing, there’s no doubt. Getting FREE two day shipping around the holidays is so worth it, especially if you forget a gift and don’t want to brave the crowds (what up introverts!)

You will actually get the gift in TWO DAYS! That is unreal!

And here’s a secret-

You can sign up for the FREE 30 day promotion in time to hit Black Friday, Cyber Monday AND Christmas-

And then you can cancel and not pay a dime for all that free two day shipping.

Highly recommend doing this😉

Okay, onto the list of gifts for mom- who doesn’t want anything:


I know, I know! We just talked about this. But did you know you can buy Prime as a gift? Maybe the mom you’re searching for has EVERYTHING she needs and she keeps telling you I just really don’t need anything…

This is the perfect gift for those moms! Then she can buy whatever it is her heart desires be it practical or just plain fun 🙂

You could even sign her up for Amazon Family if she has younger kids so she can take advantage of the diaper savings and coupons that are strictly for Amazon Family!


Do you have a wine lover on your list? This wine aerator allows you to enjoy your red wine on the first sip, without letting it ‘breathe’ first.

It enhances the wine and gives it a richer and full bodied taste! And what about adding some super cute wine glasses to go with it?


In our house, it’s really my husband who does most of the cooking. But these are beyond GORGEOUS and I STILL want one. Just beautiful and they will literally last your whole life, you will be passing one of these babies on to your kids or grandkids.


Offer to babysit. Seriously. Give her some TIME. Us momma’s love our kids but man is it nice to have a serious break.


I think if someone did this for me I might actually cry with joy. Some moms want flowers and chocolates, some just want a floor that your feet don’t stick to and handprintless windows to look out of.


Coffee lover? What about some high end coffee beans from a local coffee shop and a beautiful mug to sip her freshly made coffee out of? Or a travel mug for the mom on the go!

If she’s into something a bit more fancy you could try getting her a pour over coffee maker or a stovetop espresso maker.


If the mama you’re buying for loves tea, ask these questions-

  • Does she have a kettle or need a new one?
  • What kind of tea does she like?
  • Would she like a new mug?

This tea kettle keeps your water at the perfect temperature for every different type of tea (green, white, black, oolong, etc) or coffee.

Some people prefer stovetop kettles and this one is beautiful!

David’s Tea has the BEST teas, there’s literally something for every type of mom. They also have super cute mugs, tea steepers and tea accessories. And of course, handy gift sets that would be welcomed by anyone!

I bought this small tea pot/steeper at Ikea on a whim. It turned out to be one of my most used purchases ever, I use it every single day! It makes 3-4 cups which is the perfect amount if one isn’t gonna cut it.


No matter who says they don’t want a gift- EVERYONE would be happy with a cozy ass sweater!


Cause we all just want soft, glowing skin, right? This healing clay has over seventeen THOUSAND reviews, people love it, and for good reason! It removes dirt and impurities from deep within facial pores leaving a soft, clean and fresh face.

Pair it with this cute kit that includes a mixing bowl, face mask applicator and spatula for mixing!


These bath bombs are insanely fun to use and so deliciously indulgent. If you aren’t familiar with Lush, just know that there are bath bombs for every single type of mom and she will be thrilled to open some of these!


Essential oils diffusers are great for pretty much anything that a mom could need it for.

Sick kid? Diffuse some oil that eases coughs and congestion.

Want to ward off germs from school? Diffuse some germ killing oil.

Need an afternoon pick me up that isn’t coffee? Diffuse some energetic oils like bergamont or lime!

Want to help yourself or your kids get a better sleep? Diffuse lavender oil at bedtime.

It’s endless! And, also good for you, opposed to artificial scents found in candles and store bought scent diffusers.

This kit comes with a beautiful faux wood diffuser and 20 essential oils for an awesome price!


Can you have too many pairs of cozy slippers? Maybe. Maybe not! Any mom would be pleased to open up a pair of comfy ass slippers on Christmas.

Especially if their floors look anything like mine… crumb land. So nice to have a pair of slippers that are comfy as hell and help you forget about the insane level of crumbs on your floor!

These ones are super soft and cozy and have a non-slip sole. Plus memory foam on the inside to keep your feet from getting fatigued!


A trendy, slouchy toque with a faux fur pom pom? You really can’t go wrong with a gift like this! This one has a ton of positive reviews and warm fleece lining!


Fleece lined, insanely warm and perfect for wearing around the holidays! (or all winter!) These ones have cute wintery designs and colors.


I hope you found something on this list of gifts for moms that don’t need anything that’s perfect for her❤


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