Hey, I’m Jenni!

I never could have guessed that I would have 3 children before I turned 30, and yet, here we are!

My children have pushed me to reach for things I never thought possible

(I ran a marathon and went vegan)

And shown me how to be a better person by teaching me to hold myself accountable for my actions and live in the present moment

(try meditating, it’s seriously unbelievable)

… Or reading “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,” it changed my life in a profound way- highly recommend.

When I first started having kids, I felt adrift in a sea of information, opinions and lack of solid answers.

I’m on the search for a realistic, down to Earth means of parenting my children that doesn’t involve joining an all organic nudist colony in California or living by a regimented schedule 24/7-

 Join me on my journey to finding balance, sustainable self-care for yourself and ways to truly love the job of raising your children.

Ask me a question!