Hey, I’m Jenni!

I started Roots of Truth because I felt lost, confused and fed up at how crazy parenting can be.

Are you supposed to joke about slamming a glass of wine at 8am to get through the day with kids? Are you supposed to eat all organic and ban plastic from your house? 

To raise kind and caring kids, exercise, take time for yourself, make money, clean the house, cook meals, have quality time with your husband and be smiling at the end of the day?

Do you wonder what happened to the vision of the happy mom, the mom who baked with her kids and made crafts every day and played pretend, all while singing Mary Poppins and grinning ear to ear?

And do you wonder who this woman is who took her place? This slightly grumpy, sometimes angry woman that you never thought would be you…

I started to feel depressed because I was this woman.

I was turning out to be an angry mom.

That’s not really who I was, was it?

Spoiler alert-

It wasn’t.

You are not an inherently grumpy, uptight, grouchy, sullen (insert negative verb here) momma. You just aren’t.

It may be what you believe, but I’m setting out to change your mind.

You are already the kind, courageous and kick ass mom you are meant to be.


She might just be buried under societal expectations and patterns of negative thinking.

But I assure you, she is there.

It’s time for you to break free, to peel back the layers of conditioning and claim who you are.

No more guessing, no more wishing.  

I believe that you are meant to be unapologetically YOU, the person you secretly dream of being, because that IS already you, my dear friend.

I will help you find the tools necessary to get where you want to be. You are strong. You are powerful. You are unique and blessed.
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